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How the determine a good LED outdoor screen ?

Today people take advantage of vary marketing methods to promote their products. Outdoor rental screen is one of those marketing methods. But do you really know how to determine a good screen? Let’s talk about it.

The LED, where the LED screen get its name from, is definitely the key of a good screen.

There are six factors to determine a good LED.

  • Checking the brightness of the LED.
  • Check the uniformity of color of the LED.
  • Checking the chips on the LED. Usually, the bigger chip the better stability, brightness and heat dissipation.
  • Checking the glue and fluorescent powder. High quality LED will not be out of shape when it is pressed by hand.
  • Checking the lead frame. Pure copper has very nice capability.
  • Checking the encapsulation tech and good encapsulation machine will be the matter of the encapsulation tech. We hope points above will help you to determine a good LED outdoor screen
Factors that should be paid a good attention on using LED stage screen.

As the development of economic, more and more commercial activities are coming. Rental LED screen will be perfect choice for these activities.

LED rental screen also known as LED stage screen has become necessity for commercial activities which has stage. Considering that the screen will not be used so long so lease will be a good option for client. Event company will set up everything for clients that is why stage screen will be favorite choice.

So what are the factors that you will need to pay attentions when choosing LED rental screen? The article below will show you.

It is very important that choosing a screen company with good credit. In addition, the company has nice quality of the screen and customer service. The price should be upon the size of screen and rental period.

(1)Photographic distance will better be in the range between 4-10 meters for fill the LED screen nicely.
(2)An appropriate environment will be required to optimize the performance of the screen. What is more, the working temperature will be very important factor for service life of the screen.
(3)The threat from dust is also a big matter. The PCD might be hardly damaged by the dust. So it is very important to keep studio clean.

The factors above are the factors that need to be paid a good attention on. We hope them can help you.

LED display uses seven common sense

With the development of society, the range of application of LED display has never been so wide. We can see LED screen everywhere in our daily life.

Let’s talk about the seven common scenes of using LED screen.

  • Check circuit and switch and keep switch dry in case electric leakage.
  • Air condition and desiccant will be very effective to keep screen dry.
  • In raining season, please keep using the screen twice a week.
  • Appropriate ventilation will prompt the drain on the screen to evaporate soon but it is not a good idea to ventilate in wet weather.
  • Check cabinet and parts like waterproof rubber gasket or screw in a regular interval.
  • In raining day, please turn off power immediately when using indoor rental screen for outdoor purpose. If you don't want to disassemble the screen then you can use waterproof cover to cover the screen. If rain fall continuous, please open the back door of the screen and use dryer to blow it.
  • It is very necessary to turn on the screen in a regular interval even you plan not to use it for a long while.
If you take a good look on these seven common scenes, you can maximize the performance of LED screen and the screen will create a great value for your company.
How do we handle with Frequent Trip-out on LED Screen

What is the reason that cause frequent tripping on LED screen? How do we handle it? You will find out the answer after reading this article.

  • Tripping caused by inappropriate protection for electric leakage. The installation for full color LED screen is unusual. Wrong cable connection, damaged electric leakage protector and accidental alarm from electric leakage protector are the main reasons cause the situation. In addition, inappropriate distribution of the electric leakage protector on circuit will also cause tripping.
  • There is no effective second or third level electric leakage protection. The last level of electric leakage protection in the switch box is main protection. A bad choice of the last level protection may trigger upper level protection trip-out. So multiple protection level is very important.
  • The leakage protector has few limitations. Under high electric current or high voltage, the protector might trip-out easily.
  • There is a range between rated leakage executed current and non-executed current. So trip-out happens when the leakage current is fluctuate in this rang.

LED display has wide application in daily life no matter for company or government. So it is necessary to have solutions to solve problems for the screen.

Ten major failures and troubleshooting of LED display

1.Screen doesn't work and green light flashing on sending card.

    1)failure causes

  • no power supply to screen
  • bad connection with internet cable
  • no power supply to receiving card
  • bad sending card
  • Signal transmission devices failure

    2)failure solutions

  • Check power supply
  • Check and reconnect internet cable
  • Make sure DC voltage is between 5v and 5.2v.
  • Switch sending card
  • Check connection or switch functional card

2.Screen doesn't work and green

    1)failure causes

  • inappropriate connection with DVI or HDMI
  • graphics card is not set up to copy model
  • screen is switched off in the software
  • sending card plugs inappropriately or bad sending card

    2)failure solutions

  • check DVI plug
  • reset copy model
  • switch on screen in software
  • plug in again or switch sending card

3.showing “system no found” when screen launching

    1)failure causes

  • connecting issue with sending card
  • bad computer com or USB plug
  • bad cable
  • bad sending card
  • didn’t install USB drive

    2)failure solutions

  • confirm connection
  • switch computer
  • switch cable
  • switch sending card
  • install USB drive

4.partially not display or miss colors in rows

    1)failure causes

  • bad connection with flat cable or DVI
  • signal input or output problem

    2)failure solutions

  • plug in again or switch cables
  • locate bad modules and switch them

5.modules partially do not display

    1)failure causes

  • power protection or damaged power
  • bad connection with AC power cable

    2)failure solutions

  • check power supply
  • plug in power cable again

whole panel does not display

    1)failure causes

  • 220v power cable doesn’t connect well
  • Bad internet connection
  • Broken receiving card
  • HUB plugs in wrong position

    2)failure solutions

  • Check power cable
  • Check internet cable
  • Switch receiving card
  • Hub plugs in again

7.blurred screen

    1)failure cause

  • Wrong program was loaded
  • Low quality internet cable
  • Broken sending card

    2)failure solutions

  • Reload correct program
  • Switch internet cable
  • Switch sending card

8.Each display unit displays the same content

    1)failure cause

  • Didn’t send document to connect each cabinet

    2)failure solutions

  • send connection document

9.Low brightness, blurry picture on the screen

    1)failure cause

  • Program error with sending card
  • Incorrect setting on functional card

    2)failure solutions

  • Reset sending card setting to default
  • Set minimum brightness to 80

10.picture shaking or double image

    1)failure cause

  • Check connection cable between computer and screen.
  • Check DVI cable with multimedia card and sending card
  • Broken sending card

    2)failure solutions

  • Plug in again or switch cable
  • Fix DVI cable
  • Switch sending card

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